How the thinnest wallet ever happened.

Hi, I’m Ben! As a busy dad of four with an extremely active lifestyle, the last thing in the world I want to care about is my wallet and if it’s going to perform. If you’re like me, you need less bulk and more security for your cards and cash, and I created just that!

The Xband was innovated out of convenience, but brought to life for you because I saw the need. My friends and I were carrying big-thick-wallets in our front and back pockets, which is highly uncomfortable and can create back problems too (look that up). So, the light-bulb went off and the most minimalist yet high-performance wallet ever was born. 

This patented design with ToughGrip TechnologyTM holds all the standard wallet essentials but with the slimmest profile on the market. There is simply nothing else that compares, and the thousands of other Xband customers will tell you the same. 

This isn't your basic wallet. Once you try it, you'll never go back.